Project Report now available

The ESCAR project run over the years 2015-2016 and is now finished. We have visited so many impressive projects, grown as a group and as individuals, and have had really great times! The project leaves us with a longing for more. In other words: To be continued!?

You can download the full report here!


Welcome to our Final conference in Borås

Our project is coming to an end and we are ready to present some of our results and conclusions! Welcome to our Final Conference which is beeing held in Borås, Sweden on the 21st of September.

Our LSPs (Lokal Stakeholder Panels) are especially welcome to a breakfast meeting where the results of the project will be presented and you get to meet participants from the four partner countries. Continue reading Welcome to our Final conference in Borås

My sustainable food

Bases del concurso “My sustainable food”


“My sustainable food” es una iniciativa internacional que forma parte del proyecto ESCAR (European Strategic Partnership for Sustainable Consumption and Awareness Raising), cofinanciado por el Programa Erasmus + de la Unión Europea, en el que participan cinco organizaciones de diversa índole (ayuntamientos, organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro, museos de la ciencia) de cuatro países (Suecia, Italia, Dinamarca y España). Continue reading My sustainable food

A Santorso arriva il Gruppo d’Acquisto Solare

Il Gruppo di Acquisto Solare è un modo per acquistare in gruppo ottenendo un vantaggio economico senza dover rinunciare alla qualità. Insieme, infatti, è possibile risparmiare fino al 20%, a cui vanno aggiunte le detrazioni fiscali previste. 

Come funziona? Aderire al gruppo è gratuito e non comporta obblighi. Gli aderenti avranno la possibilità di ottenere un preventivo e un sopralluogo gratuito per una o più  delle tecnologie offerte dal G.A.S.: solare fotovoltaico, solare termico, scaldaacqua a pompa di calore, condizionatore ad alta efficienza. Continue reading A Santorso arriva il Gruppo d’Acquisto Solare

The mobility in Murcia (2-6 November 2015)

ESCAR project continue the interchange of experiences with the second mobility to Murcia (Spain):  it was an opportunity for partners to get together and share experiences by knowing and comparing different local projects and also improving our internal work and define next challenges. Getting to know another culture, with different social environment and other social needs and problems in general, gave to the project another perspective of working connecting our project goals deeply with population. Continue reading The mobility in Murcia (2-6 November 2015)